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Publications dans des revues à comité de lecture

2015 – Charbonnel A., Buisson L., Biffi M., D’Amico F., Besnard A., Aulagnier S., Blanc F., Gillet F., Lacaze V., Michaux J., Némoz M., Pagé C., Miguel Sanchez-Perez J., Sauvage S., Laffaille P. – Integrating hydrological features and genetically validated occurrence data in occupancy modeling of an endemic and endangered semi-aquatic mammal, Galemys pyrenaicus, in a Pyrenean catchment – BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION. In press.

2014 – Santos R., Joyeux A., Palluel O., Palos-Ladeiro M., Besnard A., Blanchard C., Porcher J-M., Bony S., Devaux A., Sanchez W. – Characterization of a genotoxicity biomarker in three-spined stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatusL.): biotic variability and integration in a battery of biomarkers. ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY. In press.

2014 – Fonderflick J., Besnard A., Beuret A., Dalmais M. &Schatz B. – Impact of grazing management on Orthoptera abundance varies along season in Mediterranean steppe-like grassland. ACTA OECOLOGICA. 60:7-16.

2014 – Lambret P., Besnard A. & Matushkina N. – Initial Preference for plant species and state during oviposition site selection by a dragonfly. ENTOMOLOGICAL SCIENCE. In press.

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2014 – Cayuela H., Besnard A., Bonnaire E., Perret H., Rivoalen J., Miaud C., Hiby L., & Joly P. – To breed or not to breed: internal and environmental factors drive the decision in an amphibian, the yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata). OECOLOGIA. 176:107-16.

2014 – Charbonnel A., D’Amico F., Besnard A., Blanc F., Buisson L., Nemoz M. & Laffaille P. – Spatial replicates as a relevant alternative to temporal replicates for occupancy modeling of semi-aquatic mammals along rivers. JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY. 51:1425-1433

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2014 – Ficheux S., Olivier A., Fey R., Crivelli A., Besnard A. & Béchet A.- Rapid response of a long-lived species to improved water and grazing management: the case of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) in the Camargue, France. JOURNAL OF NATURE CONSERVATION. 22(4): 342-348.

2014 – Buckland S., Cole N., Aguirre-Gutiérrez J., Gallagher L.; Henshaw S.; Besnard A.; Tucker R.; Bachraz V.; Ruhomaun K. & Harris S.- Using hierarchical and species distribution modelling to explore the ecological effects of the invasive giant Madagascar day gecko on endemic day geckos in Mauritius. PLOS ONE. DOI: 10.1371 Journal.pone.0088798

2014 – Santos R., Palos-Ladeiro M.; Besnard A., Vulliet E., Porcher J.-M., Bony S., Devaux . & Sanchez W. – Kinetic response of a genotoxicity biomarker in the three-spined stickleback and implications for environmental monitoring. ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY. 102:6-11.

2014 – Mignet F., Gendre T., Reudet D., Malgoire F. , Cheylan M. & Besnard A. -Short-term evaluation of the success of a reintroduction program of the European pond turtle: the contribution of space-use modeling. CHELONIAN CONSERVATION AND BIOLOGY. 13(1):72-80.

2014 – Jakob C., Ponce-Boutin F. & Besnard A. – Coping with heterogeneity to detect species on a large scale: N-mixture modeling applied to red-legged partridge counts. JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT. 78:540-549.

2014 – Couturier T., Besnard A., Bertolero A., Bosc V., Astruc G. & Cheylan M. – Factors determining the abundance and the occurrence of the Hermann’s tortoise Testudo hermanni in France and Spain: fire regime as the main driver. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION. 170 :177-187.

2014 – Astruc G., Farny G., Corail M., Combrisson D., Dudouet C., Brebion G., Lisambert H. & Besnard A. – Dynamique des populations et phénologie des Sonneurs à ventre jaune dans le Parc national des Ecrins. BULLETIN DE LA SOCIETE HERPETOLOGIQUE DE FRANCE. 149:9-23.

2013 – Cursach J., Besnard A., Rita J. & Fréville H. – Spatial demographic variation and conservation of the narrow endemic plant Ranunculus weyleri: insights from Integral Projection Models. ACTA OECOLOGICA. 53:102-109.

2013 – Couturier T, Tillion-Lacazale L., Besnard A., Astruc G. & Cheylan M. – Déclin d’une population de Tortue d’Hermann (Testudo hermanni hermanni Gmelin, 1789) en milieu forestier. Effets combinés de plusieurs facteurs anthropiques. REV. ECOL. (TERRE ET VIE).69 :142-150.

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2013 – Jeliazkov A., Chiron F., Garnier J., Besnard A., Silvestre M. & Jiguet F. – Level-dependence of the relationships between Amphibian biodiversity and environment in ponds in a context of intensive agriculture. HYDROBIOLOGIA. 723:7-23.

2013 – Doxa A., Besnard A., Béchet A., Pin C., Lebreton J.-D. & Sadoul N. – Inferring dispersal dynamics from local population demographic modelling: the case of the slender-billed gull in the Camargue. ANIMAL CONSERVATION. 16:684-693.

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2013 – Villemey A., Besnard A., Grandadam J. & Eidenschenck J. – Testing restocking methods for an endangered species: effects of predator exclusion and vegetation cover on common hamster (Cricetus cricetus) survival and reproduction. BIOLOGICAL CONSERVATION, 158: 147-154.

2013 – Andrieu E., Fréville H., Besnard A., Vaudey V., Gauthier P., Thompson J. & Debussche M. – Forest cutting rapidly improve the demographic status of Paeonia officinalis, a species threatened by forest closure. POPULATION ECOLOGY, 55: 147-158.

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